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Voronezh Aquarium, One of the Largest in Europe
One could say with no exaggeration that Voronezh Aquarium is the pride of Russia. It was built in 2011 by...
Monuments to Writers and Musicians in Voronezh
Famous fellow countrymen frozen in bronze and granite are not only a historical landmark of the city. The monuments of...
Theaters of Voronezh
List of Voronezh Theaters with photos, brief descriptions, links to websites, phone numbers, addressess. Popular shows' names.
Voronezh Parks and Squares: Plenty of Space for a Walk
20 most popular parks and gardens in Voronezh - Pervomayskiy, Petrovskiy, Koltsovskiy, Brinkman and others. Pictures and short descriptions.
Street Sculptures in Voronezh
Unusual street sculptures in Voronezh - Kitten, Dog, Street vendor, Professor and Student, Bronze Boar and other funny statues.
Voronezh Museums – Addresses and Working Hours
Check what museums Voronezh city has to offer. Photo, descriptions, locations, phone numbers, work hours of the most famous museums,...
10 Most Interesting Excursions in Voronezh
Most intersting excursions in Voronezh. Description, prices, contact information, how to make a reservation. Photos and videos.
Military Monuments in Voronezh
The monuments of World War II have a special place among the sights of Voronezh. In 1942-1943 the line of...
10 Famous Monuments of Voronezh
See the most popular monuments on the streets of Voronezh city. Descriptions, locations, photos, history.
Voronezh: Hand-made Artistic Sketches
We would like to show you sketches of Voronezh made by a talented artist Nelly Frolova. Notice variety of styles...
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What to do

Interesting places in Voronezh and around. Siteseeing, historical buildings, monuments, entertainment, excursions.