10 Famous Monuments of Voronezh

First time in Voronezh? Walk through its streets and explore the local sights. This will be a walk to remember. Mansions of tsarist times peacefully neighbor with monuments glorifying the victory of socialism… A sample of “Stalin classicism”, the building of management of the South-Eastern Railway, is just near the giant Annunciation Cathedral… In this city, everyone will find something to please the eye. In this short article we will list the most famous sculptures and monuments of Voronezh and briefly tell some facts about each of them.

1. Monument to Peter the Great

Voronezh is called the cradle of the Russian Navy. Why? In memory of which achievements was the monument to Peter the Great erected in Voronezh? The fact is, Peter chose Voronezh as the site for the construction of the ships of the military fleet because of the large amount of wood required for the construction of ships (there is a version that the famous Shipov forest in the Voronezh region is named after the English word “ship”). A shipyard was founded in the city, at which the state constructed more than 200 ships, and an Admiralty was organized. That’s why Voronezh citizens honor the memory of Peter I so much. The old sculpture was sent for remelting during the Great Patriotic War, but a new one was created according to the original when the country returned to peaceful times. More information about the monument to Peter I can be found here.

Monument of Peter the Great
Monument to Peter the Great. Petrovskiy Skver.Coordinates: 51.673790, 39.211674

2. Kitten from Lizyukov Street

The monument to the kitten from Lizyukov Street in Voronezh appeared in 2003,  many years after the release of the cartoon with the same name (1988). The audience was so fond of him that at the top of the street,  a metal tree with a kitten and a crow was erected. In the cartoon, Lizyukov Street looks quite like a provincial suburb, but today it is impossible to recognize the street from the cartoon by those shots: in the real life of Lizyukov Street in Voronezh you will be greeted by a typical picture of a city’s so-called “sleeping bag”, the densely populated white apartment blocks. Against this background it is not easy to find a monument of the kitten straight away. A good reference point is the public transport stop “Kinoteatr Mir”. The young Voronezh residents have a hooligan tradition of breaking the kitten’s whiskers, which leads to the need for their periodic restoration by the city authorities.

Kitten from Lizyukov Street
Kitten from Lizyukov Street. Ulitsa Generala Lizyukova, 4 Coordinates: 51.706901, 39.172261

3. Monument to Vysotsky

Young people love to take pictures next to the monument to Vladimir Vysotsky in Voronezh. The famous actor, songwriter and performer is depicted with a guitar, sitting loosely on a chair. The sculpture is located in a crowded place on a pedestrian alley in the heart of the city. It was created by the Voronezh sculptor M. Dikunov ten years ago. Flowers are often placed on the knees of the figure and on the edge of the improvised stage.

Monument to Vysotsky
Monument to Vysotsky. Ul. Karla Marksa, 59. Coordinates: 51.666750, 39.201864

4. Monument to the Airborne troops

The monument to the Airborne troops in Voronezh looks symbolic – it is crowned with an open dome of a parachute. Voronezh is considered the homeland of airborne troops, because it was here that the first airborne landing was made on August 2, 1930. This date is annually marked in Russia as the day of the Airborne Troops. The monument was created under the direction of Voronezh sculptor V. Petrikhin and opened in 2010.

The Airborne troops Monument
The Airborne troops Monument. Park Pobedy. Coordinates: 51.706850, 39.160843

5. Monument to Lenin

The Revolution Avenue (Prospekt Revolyutsii) crosses the right river bank of Voronezh from north to south. If we get off the train at the central railway station and get on the bus for several stops, we will find ourselves on the central square of the city, the Lenin Square. Right in the center of the square there is a monument to the leader of the world’s proletariat by the sculptor Tomskiy, erected in 1939. The monument was destroyed by the Germans during the Great Patriotic War, but it was restored soon after its end. See also Lenin Square.

Monument to Lenin
Monument to Lenin. Lenin Square. Coordinates: 51.660655, 39.199959

6. Monument to Marshak

In Voronezh there is not only a monument of Samuil Marshak, but also a square dedicated to the writer. The ensemble is located near the building where Marshak’s apartment was located when the writer lived in Voronezh for 2 years. The monument is quite new, it has been erected only a couple of years ago. An interesting fact is that it hasn’t been constructed on state money, but on nationally collected funds: the inhabitants of Voronezh unanimously supported the decision of the administration to establish a monument to the well-known writer, poet and translator.

Monument to S. Marshak
Monument to S. Marshak. Ul. Karla Marksa, 76. Coordinates: 51.665922, 39.203465

7. Monument to the Military Postman

The sculpture of the wartime postman in Voronezh is located near the main post office. The monument was unveiled in 2015. It includes a figure of a military postman created on the basis of a real life prototype and a stack of bronze triangles. Shortly after the monument was unveiled, the Russian Post issued a commemorative stamp depicting it.

Monument to the wartime postman
Monument to the wartime postman. Prospekt Revolyutsii, 25. Coordinates: 51.671325, 39.209624 Photo: Irina Milonova

8. Monument of Т-34 Tank

The T-34 tank monument in the Soviet district of Voronezh was erected in 1979. It is designed to remind today’s residents of the military heroism of soldiers who defended the capital of the Chernozem region during the Second World War. By the way, this is not the only echo of today’s memory of the military actions in the forties on the territory of the city. Thus, one of the main city landmarks is a stand post in the form of a red pyramid, located near the Monument of Glory.

Tank on a pedestal
Tank on a pedestal. Prospekt Patriotov. Coordinates: 51.646663, 39.123595

9.Victory Square

The monument and the eternal flame are located here, in the historical center of the city, near Prospekt Revolyutsii. Victory Square is one of the monuments of the eternal tribute to the bravery of war heroes. The memorial includes sculptures of warriors, an eternal flame and a stela, located across the Square.

Victory Square
Victory Square. Prospekt Revolyutsii 25. Coordinates: 51.671216, 39.210860

10. Monument to the Horse

The monument to the horse in Voronezh looks extraordinary. The stallion depicted by sculptor M. Dikunov is muscular and aggressive, as if he was training hard. In his teeth therre is a piece of rail, and don’t forget the main feature of the sculpture, which can impossibly pass unnoticed – his peculiar private parts. The horse is obviously ready to meet the enemies in all arms, and woe to the one who tries to defeat him.

Horse sculpture in Voronezh
Horse sculpture in Voronezh. Ramon district. Coordinates: 51.853928, 39.214075

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