Voronezh Parks and Squares: Plenty of Space for a Walk

Voronezh parks and squares are designed to make our city comfortable for living. It is important for the citizens that near the residential areas there are some natural cornerswhere children can play outside during the day or where you can take your girlfriend for a walk in the evening. The very first parks appeared in the city in the XVIII century, but historical catastrophes did not spare them. Nowadays, parks and squares are being restored: in every district of Voronezh you will find a place to take a walk with your family, hold a photo shoot or just relax among the greenery and flowers.

1. Petrovskiy Square

The unofficial symbol of the city is the monument to Peter the Great in the Petrovskiy Square in Voronezh. On the map, it is located on a crossroads of the Revolution Avenue and Stepan Razin Street. In 1860 a statue of the founder of the Russian Navy appeared at this spot. During the years of occupation, the Nazis melted it into metal, but later the bronze Peter I leaning on an anchor returned to its original place. The poplars and maples surrounding it are more than 200 years old – a perfect background for wedding photo shoots. The branches of the kalina trees in the Petrovsky Square are decorated with ribbons left by newlyweds, and the surroundings of the square are complemented by luxurious flower beds, a fountain and an hourglass.

Petrovskiy Square
On the map: 51.673813, 39.211714

2. Koltsovsky Square

The romantic Koltsovsky square in Voronezh is loved by everyone: seniors, young people, children and guests of the city. The soul of the green islet on Lenin Square is a sound fountain – the sight of singing water fascinates and attracts visitors. The history of the square started back in 1868 with the installation of the monument to A. Koltsov. Around the poet’s bust there were shady alleys, benches and a fountain. During the war the square served as a cemetery for the Nazis, and after the victory it rose from the ruins together with the city. We recommend that you visit Koltsovsky square, to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. By the way, there is free Wi-Fi here.

Koltsovsky Square
On the map: 51.661848, 39.202048

3. Pervomaisky Garden

Not far from the railway station Voronezh-1, there is an oasis of silence and spiritual reflection – the Pervomaisky Garden. Its alleys were laid in 1850, and since then it has become the main place of entertainment for the citizens. Here, the first fountain of the city appeared as well as electricity and a brass band played. A summer cinema, an amusement park and a circus tent were built during the Soviet era. Nowadays, the dominant feature of the Pervomaisky Garden is the Blagoveschenskiy Cathedral. Among the shady alleys one can find mournful monuments: to the Komsomol volunteers of 1941, the children who died in Nazi prisons, the liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, and to all victims who prevented a new nuclear war.

Pervomaisky Garden
On the map: 51.675751, 39.210501

4. Soviet Square

In the 18th century, the current Soviet square was called the Meat Square, as it was filled with rows of merchant stalls. The Meat Market survived the revolution, the occupation and several attempts of reconstruction, however in 1960 the shopping stalls were demolished at last. After the reconstruction in 2018, the square became a model of European design. Its highlight today are the “dry” fountains. Cool water jets are coming out of the ground and dancing in the air, accompanied by music. In windless weather, you can walk between the fountains and get away with it without getting wet. In the evening, the water music show is colored with rainbow colors. The Soviet Square is now a source of pride for the locals, and we highly recommend people visiting Voronezh to check it out.

Soviet Square
On the map: 51.665239, 39.211372

5. Orlenok Park

The first children’s park appeared in Voronezh in 1954. The visitors are welcomed by “Orlenok”- a boy on a horseback, with a trumpet. The end of the trumpet, however, fell off – and people began to call Orlenok “The Boy with the Chewing Gum”. In the 90’s a lot of attractions worked here, including a roller coaster. In 2009 the park was reconstructed – the attractions were removed, the fountain was cleaned, and the paths were paved. Today, there is a little locomotive that takes visitors around the children’s facilities as well as to the necropolis of the Civil War and the Mandelstam monument. For 2019, a new reconstruction is planned here, which envisages the construction of some art objects.

Orlenok Park
On the map: 51.674974, 39.206342

6. Bunin Square

The very beginning of this square, loaceted at the crossroads of Ordzhonikidze and Plekhanovskaya Streets, was laid by the most poetic monument of Voronezh, which was opened in 1995. The writer Ivan Bunin, a native of the city, is depicted at the time of his farewell to the Motherland: a petrified silhouette on a fallen tree, a purebred dog at his feet, and an open book – the symbols of Russia’s history. The cozy and well-equipped Bunin square is the perfect place for book fairs and literary festivals.

Bunin Square
On the map: 51.659563, 39.201805

7. Esenin Alley

In the Central district of Voronezh, where Kardashov Street and Karl Marx Street merge, there is a monument to Sergey Esenin. The poet’s name was given to this shady square with a length of 200 m. Cool and shade can be found here even on the hottest day. It is very pleasant to walk under the trees, sit on a bench and refresh the memory of some of Esenin’s poem lines. The fate of the poet himself has nothing to do with Voronezh. The initiator of the monument was the artist Sergey Bezrukov, the actor of the main role in the TV series “Esenin”. He also chose this spot for the monument and sponsored the construction of the modest memorial, opened in 2006.

Esenin Alley
On the map: 51.662591, 39.207869


8. Romanovsky Square

A nice spot for family holidays appeared in Voronezh in 2015. A convenient park zone is located in front of the new Romanovsky business center. Maples and elms, cherry trees and barberries, lilacs and hydrangeas were planted to turn this square into an oasis of beauty and coolness. Newlyweds love to pose against the background of the impressive building. At the square, there is a children’s playground and a musical fountain that gives a special charm to the place. The name “Romanovsky” is connected with the name of the royal family. It was the previous name of the Kirova Street, where the recently arranged square is located.

Romanovsky Square
On the map: 51.659082, 39.193029

9. Durov Park

In the Leninsky neighbourhood of Voronezh, on Voroshilov Street, there is a park called the Park of the Living and the Dead. Before the revolution, the city cemetery where poets A. Koltsov and I. Nikitin were buried was located here. Nowadays their graves have been moved and form the “Literary Necropolis”. In the 30’s the cemetery was closed, the gravestones were removed, and the park was built on the graves: sport fields, attractions, and the circus named by Durov whose name was passed on to the park. In 2010, the park area was renovated: paths were paved, some simple attractions for children were installed and the fountain was repaired.

Durov Park
On the map: 51.655573, 39.183111

10. Komsomolsky Square

The park, founded back in 1935 by the Komsomol members of Voronezh on the spot of former wastelands, is located at Koltsovskaya Street, 68b. Visitors are greeted at the entrance by the inscription “Komsomolsky Square”. By the 100th anniversary of the Komsomol movement, the park was refurbished. New trees, paved paths, a children’s playground and a sports area appeared. In winter, the Komsomolsky park has an ice rink. The entrance is free of charge, but there is no locker room, skate rental or evening lighting.

Komsomolsky Square
On the map: 51.663339, 39.185007

11. Dynamo Park

The extensive green area in the center of Voronezh is officially called the “Central Park of Culture and Recreation”. The stadium, located next door, gave the park its popular name “Dynamo”. The beauty of this place is as close to nature as possible: ducks swim around the pond filled with spring water, a stream murmurs nearby, solid trees generously give shade and delight the eye. You can rent a bike or a hover board, explore the secluded corners of the park, overcome obstacles while climbing rope bridges or watch a concert in the Zeleny Theatre. Obelisks in the higher elevations of the park remind us of the battles with the Nazis at this place.

Dynamo Park
On the map: 51.697375, 39.221856

12. Brinkman’s Garden

This small park is one of the oldest in Voronezh: it is over 160 years old. Until the 1950s, it was located on the outskirts of the city and the land was privately owned. After the land was bought by Mr. Von Brinkman, he landscaped the area and opened it to the public in 1853. Until then, there was only one park in the city (now the Pervomaisky Garden, see above). The garden survived the revolution, the Civil War, the Great Patriotic War, the perestroika and the turbulent 90s, but gradually became desolate. However, now it is undergoing reconstruction, and its condition began to improve – paths have appeared, as well as a beautiful fence.

Brinkman's Garden
On the map: 51.683910, 39.211795

13. Dolphin Park

A pine tree plantation on the left bank of the Voronezh Reservoir in the 70-80s of the XX century became the birthplace of the Dolphin Park. Unfortunately, its infrastructure was completely destroyed during the perestroika. At this moment, the Dolphin is waiting for its reconstruction. In this park, you can walk along the picturesque alleys, breathe in the fresh pine air, admire the reservoir in the light of evening lights or have a snack in the Castle Cafe. On weekends, laser fights are held in the park. Nearby is a wild beach with an observation deck in the shape of a lighthouse. In winter, a ski track is laid around the park.

Dolphin Park
On the map: 51.686266, 39.253431


14. Scarlet Sails Park

The left bank park zone called Scarlet Sails is one of the 5 best Russian recreation facilities. The park with a romantic name appeared in the city in 1975, and in 2011 it was completely renovated by a French architects design. Fortresses and castles with attractions were built for children. The town of “1000 knots” is a real test of agility for everyone, from young to old. The park territory smoothly turns into a landscaped beach with water equipment rental. Lovers and newlyweds love taking picture against the background of the boat with the scarlet red sails.

Scarlet Sails Park
On the map: 51.658440, 39.240002

15. Dubrava Square

A new recreation area – Dubrava Square – appeared in Fall 2018 in the Northern District of Voronezh, on the Moskovsky Avenue. Residents of nearby houses cleaned the unkempt oak forest from garbage, and the city authorities equipped it with paved paths, installed benches and litter bins, and built a playground with sports equipment. The former garbage dump became a pleasant spot for kids and adults to spend time.

Dubrava Square
On the map: 51.709310, 39.190666

16. Sports Square

The Sports Square in the Zheleznodorozhny neighborhood is a remnant of a once dense pine forest on the left bank of the Voronezh Reservoir. The new buildings have displaced the forest, leaving the residents with just a small area of greenery for walks and recreation. This islet of greenery needs improvement: it is necessary to cut down the shrubs and weeds, and pave the paths with tiles. It is planned to put in sports equipment and renovate the children’s playground.

Sports Square
On the map: 51.681185, 39.253387

17. Patriot Park

On the Left Bank district of Voronezh, right on the Leninsky Prospekt, there is one of the most peaceful, cozy and well-groomed places in the city – the Patriot Park. In the dense greenery of trees among the curly shrubs and bright flowerbeds, you can find some of the legendary military equipment that were part of the Victory: the Katyusha, the T-34 tank, the MI-8 military helicopter, etc. Nearby there is a diorama museum with exhibits of wartime, an Eternal Flame is burning, and a pedestal in honor of the hero-city is raised. The echo of the past war seems to have frozen over this peaceful and beautiful park.

Patriot Park
On the map: 51.658786, 39.247512

18. Airplane Constructors Park

The main attraction of the Aircraft Constructors Park in the Left Bank district of Voronezh is the city Zoo. Although, in the park zone there is a lot of other attractions. Newlyweds make photo shoots with the picturesque pond as background and leave their keys on the love tree. Children can be photographed while cuddling with panthers, who look just like real in the photographs. Riding on a donkey is a dream of many children visiting the park. Also, there are trampolines, steam trains, a racetrack, swings and carousels to keep the kids busy.

Airplane Constructors Park
On the map: 51.640613, 39.242104

19. Victory Park

The Victory Park in the Northern District of Voronezh is dedicated to the Airborne Troops. Not far from this place, the first airborne troops landed in the USSR in 1930. The monument to the paratroopers was erected at the main entrance, and along the paths there are fir trees with the names of soldiers killed during the war. There are many opportunities for active recreation here: you can walk along the rope routes, ride a bicycle or roller skates, play football. In 2018, the Victory Park’s Ferris wheel – the only one in Voronezh so far – was erected. The park provides a beautiful landscape and is a great place for walks and family time.

Victory Park
On the map: 51.708378, 39.160339

20. Tanais Park

In the southwest of Voronezh, in the Soviet district, there is a park with many attractions called Tanais. This used to be the name of the Don River in ancient times. This recreational zone emerged in the forest area in the 1970s. During the difficult times of perestroika, the park preserved the majority of operating attractions. A water pool, electric cars and a railway for children can be found here, as well as family entertainment as laser-strike and various shooting galleries. For adults, there are also extreme swings, slides and other amusement park attractions.

Tanais Park
On the map: 51.653048, 39.129150


We stopped at number 20 just because it’s a round number. We haven’t talked about all the parks, gardens and squares in Voronezh yet, but only about the most famous and popular ones. When the time comes, we will tell you about the rest! Especially since, fortunately, every year new green islets appear in our city. It seems that the authorities and construction companies have understood the fact that green areas are highly needed and appreciated.

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