Theaters of Voronezh

There are many theaters in Voronezh. A variety of performances is played on their stages by both local artists and touring collectives. Below is an overview of the main theatrical scenes of the city with addresses and brief information about each theater.

1. Opera and Ballet Theater

The Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theater is the only opera house in the Central Federal District, not counting Moscow. The theater’s history is rich in events. Initially it was a musical comedy hall. Today, anyone can see performances of various kinds on its stage: opera and operetta, musical and ballet, as well as performances for children. The theater has its own theater company, and a ballet school has also been opened on its premises. The choir under the direction of Olga Shcherban is rightly recognized as one of the best in Russia, and the orchestra under the direction of Yuri Anisichkin performs various styles of music.

Opera and Ballet Theater
Opera and Ballet Theater. Lenin Square. Tel. +7(473)255-39-27

The theater is located in the center of the city on Lenin Square. The architecture of the theater is impressive: ideally symmetrical, with strict massive columns, it has a special solemnity. Here you can watch the ballet “The Nutcracker”, the operetta “Hi, I’m your aunt!”, musical fairy tales like “Scarlet Flower” and “Golden Chicken” and much more. You can buy tickets at

2. A. Koltsov Drama Theatre

One of the most beautiful buildings in the city center is the A. Koltsov Academic Drama Theater. It appeared in Voronezh at the beginning of the XIX century, but only in 1937 it was called the Voronezh Drama Theater. During the existence of the drama theater, many famous actors played and the best directors worked on its stage. The team has received awards and prizes more than once. In the repertoire there are famous performances such as “Arrest”, “Cherry Orchard”, “Dog Heart”, “Crazy” and others. If you are a fan of classical theatre, you should visit the Koltsov Drama Theatre. You can find the schedule of the theater at

Voronezh Drama Theatre
Voronezh Drama Theatre. Revolution Avenue, 55. Tel. +7(473)255-54-72

3. Youth Theater

The Youth Theater (TUZ) appeared in Voronezh in 1932, but during the war it was forced to suspend its activities. It reopened only in 1963, when the actors of the Leningrad Youth Theater and Kuibyshev Drama Theater came on stage. Productions of “Chamber № 6”, “Above the Rye Abyss”, “Cain”, “Chestnut”, “Seagull” and other classics were staged here. The theater toured a lot in Russia and abroad, and in 2004 it took part in the 11th All-Russian Pushkin Theatre Festival with the production of “Captain’s daughter”. TUZ is located in the city center at Ulitsa Dzerzhinskogo, 10a. Its repertoire is designed mainly for children and young people, but it will also be interesting for adults. The most popular productions are “Morozko”, “The Cat’s House”, “Tom Sawyer”, “Poor People” and others. The schedule of performances can be checked at

Youth Theater
Youth Theater. Dzerzhinsky Street, 10A. Tel. +7 (473) 255-73-33

4. Chamber Theater

The Voronezh Chamber Theater was founded in 1993. For more than 20 years the theater had no permanent premises – it had to rent space. It was only in 2014 that it acquired a permanent hall. The theater is now located at 55a Karl Marx Street. The first performance was the tragedy of “Berenica”. It was played by 4 actors. Now the troupe of the Chamber Theater in Voronezh has 17 permanent actors. During its existence, the ensemble has received many awards in various categories. The press and theater critics talk a lot about them – and not only in Russia, but also abroad. The most popular productions are “Antigone”, “Tram”, “Desire”, “Players”, “Thunderstorm”, “Fools on the Periphery”, “Winter” and others. The full repertoire is available at According to the audience, this is one of the best theaters in the city.

The Chamber Theatre
The Chamber Theatre. Karl Marx Street, 55A. +7(473)280-12-70

5.Puppet Theatre

The Jester Puppet Theater “Shut” on Revolution Avenue opened its doors for the first time to the youngest spectators in 1925. Its own building, which became a landmark of the city, appeared in 1984. N. Topoev, A. Frolov, E. Pak and I. Dikunov worked on his project. This is a real palace, the facade of which is decorated with a semicircular rotunda with columns and heroes of fairy tales and cartoons, and the attic is crowned with small windows of triangular shape, above which there are unusual lanterns. On one side of the square, in front of the theater, there is a huge clock with fairytale characters.Also, right in front of the theater there is a sculpture of a famous dog named Bim. It is said that if you rub his nose and make a wish, it will come true. Today, the theater’s repertoire includes children’s and adults’ plays such as “The Wolf and Seven Goats”, “Cinderella”, “The Cat in Boots”, “King Lear”, “The Little Prince” and others. Inside the theater there is an unusual museum of the theatrical doll. More info at

Voronezh Puppet Theatre
Voronezh Puppet Theatre “Shut”. Prospect of the Revolution, 50. Tel. +7(473)255-64-23

6. Dom Aktera (Actor’s House)

The actor’s house in Voronezh is a creative club for people whose interests are connected with theater. There are big and small halls, a mantelpiece, a buffet, a showroom and a library. “The New Theater”, “Entreprise”, “Cat Theatre” and “Neformat Theater” are all creative groups that regularly perform on stage. Also literary, musical and vocal evenings are being held, and meetings with veterans and film lovers. Due to the peculiarities of the building itself it is possible to hold several events simultaneously. The theater building was designed by V.A. Bykhovsky. Since 2011, the Actor’s House has been named after the famous Voronezh actress L. Kravtsova. The repertoire of the performances and the schedule of events can be viewed at

Dom Aktera (Actor's house)
Dom Aktera (Actor’s house), Voronezh. Dzerzhinsky Street, 5. +7(473)255-17-58

7. Nikitinsky Theater

The non-government funded professional theater “Nikitinsky Theater” was opened in Voronezh in 2016 at Nikitinskaya Street, 1. It was founded by Boris Alekseev, a former actor of the Chamber Theater. After becoming a director, he created the “Theater of One” project, which was later transformed into the Nikitinsky Theater. In the evenings there are performances of various styles: “Our people, we’ll get along”, “Yura”, “Gypsy baron” and others. On weekends there are events for children, and in the afternoon in Nikitinsky you can visit an exhibition, chill out and chat with some interesting people in the theater cafeteria. Nikitinsky is not just a theater, it is a creative workshop. During its existence, the theater has attracted a lot of fans, so it is better to buy tickets in advance. You can choose the performances on the website

Nikitinsky Theater
Nikitinsky Theater. Nikitinskaya Ulitsa, 1. Tel. +7 (473) 228-73-82

8. Musical Theater Studio “Zazerkalye” (Behind the Looking Glass)

The Music and Drama Theater “Zazerkalye” appeared in Voronezh in 1989. Over the years, it has received numerous awards. Zazerkalye is a member of the governor’s program “Old, Old Tale”. The main audience of the theater-studio are children of middle and high school age, from 12 to 18 years old. Hence the main genre – fairy tales, although in recent years the children’s theater has been putting on plays typical teenage themes. The most popular productions are “Christmas”, “Peasant Lady” and “Little Prince”. The theater is located in the building of the Children and Youth House on Ploshchad’ Detey, 1. Information is available on the website of the theater-studio.

Zazerkalye Theater Studio
Zazerkalye Theater Studio. Ploshchad’ Detey 1, room 333. Tel. +7 (473) 254-10-19

9.Theater on Soviet Square

The Voronezh Concert Hall is located on the Soviet Square, its address is 17 Teatralnaya Street. Initially the building was built as the second stage of the Drama Theater, opened during the reconstruction of the main building of the Drama Theater. In 2012, after the Drama Theater team returned to the main building, it was decided to open a concert hall here. Today, there are performances and concerts of both local and touring bands on stage. Comedians, singers, actors, musicians and dancers come to perform here. The repertoire of events is very wide. The schedule is available at

Voronezh Concert Hall
Voronezh Concert Hall. 17, Teatralnaya St., Voronezh. Tel. +7 (473) 254-56-66

10. The Green Theater

The Green Theater is located in the city park “Dynamo”, which was opened in the XIX century. Unfortunately, after the construction of the Northern Bridge, the park was flooded and abandoned. Only in 2014 did its reconstruction begin. In addition to the park itself, the Green Theater was restored and improved. As in old times, it is accessed by a beautiful staircase decorated with flowerbeds and lanterns. Famous artists perform on the Green Theater stage. The open-air area surrounded by the park creates a unique mood. The repertoire can be viewed at

The Green Theater
The Green Theater. 10, Ulitsa Lenina Tel. +7 (473) 254-56-66
Photo: A. Parfyonov

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