Voronezh in the Palm of Your Hand – Map and Souvenirs

Dear reader! Despite the fact that at the moment you are staring at the screen while reading this electronic text, we encourage you to remember the good old paper, on which mankind has been saving its wisdom for centuries. The talented Voronezh artist Marina Demchenko drew a map of Voronezh with many streets, houses, monuments, museums, etc. – just like in the old days, by hand – and now this map is available on paper. We recommend you to pay attention to this work of art. Recently, the artist added souvenirs in the same style as the map.

1. Map

The map “Voronezh in the palm of your hand” is an original author’s map painted with care and love. It features about 900 buildings of the historic center, with marks of the main monuments, museums, galleries, sights, viewing points and some secret places. It also features pedestrian routes that can help you explore the city.


Map folded

The back side of the map is filled with soulful information about the peculiarities of Voronezh and its history and, of course, about remarkable buildings.

Map, back side

The map “Voronezh in the palm of your hand” not only contains useful and interesting information, but is also a cute souvenir to give as a gift or keep as a keepsake. As we already mentioned, the project was developed over a year by the artist Marina Demchenko and was released with the support of the Department of Culture of the Voronezh region.

2. Coloring book

The coloring book “Voronezh in the palm of your hand” is drawn based on the map. There are a lot of interesting details in the coloring, and of course it helps to discover the city!

Coloring book

The harmonica-style book shows two fragments of the historical center of Voronezh in different scales: one close-up and one general plan.

On one side of the book, the monuments of the city seem to come to life: they give the artists tasks to complete and  ask questions. Both felt-tip pens and colored pencils fit the thick paper well.

Coloring book

By the way, the practice of painting the city in your favorite colors helps you learn how to change the world for the better and make your dreams come true! So, this extraordinary coloring book is a wonderful gift for all creative personalities, both adults and children.

3. Mug

In between sips of coffee (or tea, wine, etc.) you can “walk” along the Revolution Avenue or the Theatre. Be careful! Do not spill your drink.

Souvenir mug

4. Postcards

Small and bright souvenir postcards based on the map “Voronezh in the palm of your hand” show the sights and beautiful places of the city: the monument to Bim and the Kitten from Lizyukov Street, the Stone Bridge, Admiralty Square, Revolution Avenue … It is nice to keep a memory of Voronezh in the form of a postcard, or to send it to a friend to another city!

Postcard with Bim

Souvenir postcard with Kitten

5. Car

“Voronezh in the palm of your hand” has its fans. One of them (probably the chief) painted his own car with the map.  Such a unique way of tuning!

Voronezh map car

Voronezh map car

6. Where to buy

The map, the coloring book and the postcards of “Voronezh in the palm of your hand” can be found here:

If you buy 10+ pieces of the map, coloring book or postcards from the author you will get a discount! Please write here vrnnaladoni@yandex.ru

The car can be seen on the city streets. We do not know if it can be purchased but who knows – as they say, every thing has its price.

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