Taxi in Voronezh: phone numbers, apps, rates

Below is a list of popular taxi services available in Voronezh, with phone numbers, links to mobile apps and approximate prices (tariffs). Information is current as of Spring 2019.


You can order a taxi by phone or using the mobile app (for those taxi services that have it, see below). We hope this information will help you choose the cheapest option or the most comfortable one. Reviews about the services can be left at the bottom of the page.

List of Voronezh taxi services

Taxi Tel. Mobile App Price per km/minimum
Yandex.Taxi 266-66-66 6/69 rub
Такси 200-0-200 200-0-200 10/70 rub
Troyka 2-393-393 10/100 rub
Saturn 2-200-000 11/59 rub
Vezet/Rutaxi 200-88-99 11/90 rub
Maksim 300-00-00
iTaxi 277-77-77 12/99 rub
Taxi Camry (960)1103333 12/-
Taxolet 2-222-222
Uspeh 200-33-99 13/70 rub
Форд 239-55-39
Gett 12/95 rub
Gorod 243-02-43 14/130 rub
Marcel 220-45-00 15/75 rub
Zheltoe 2-727-727 15/150 rub

How to get a taxi in Voronezh

Taxi services all over the world, including Russia and Voronezh, has changed a lot over the past 10 years since in 2009 an American company Uber launched an application for a smartphone through which you could get a nearest car without a telephone and a live dispatcher. To date, Uber operates in 76 countries around the world and costs about $100 billion. Most companies in the taxi business had to follow Uber. In Russia, Uber and Yandex.Taxi agreed not to compete and set up a joint venture.

Note that over the years the cost of a city taxi in Russia has decreased noticeably, unlike most other goods and services which, on the contrary, have risen in price.

Currently, a taxi in Voronezh can be called in one of 3 ways:

  1. by phone (traditional way)
  2. through the smartphone app (more convenient, modern way)
  3. via website from online computer

When calling a taxi through a mobile application, the arrival time of a taxi usually does not exceed 5-10 minutes.

Most taxi services in Voronezh offer both a phone call and a order through the application.

How to call Yandex.Taxi

We recommend Yandex.Taxi as the most reliable, economical and quick service. This taxi service in Voronezh can be called:

  • through the mobile application;
  • by phone 266-66-66;
  • online from the computer.

The app is avilable in English.

If you have a smartphone, we recommend calling a taxi through a mobile application.

Please note: when you call Yandex.Taxi by phone, the service charges an extra 2%.

In Voronezh, the service usually offers two tariffs:

  1. Economy;
  2. Comfort (more expensive).

Practically, the difference is small, so we recommend you use the Economy rate.

Calling Yandex.Taxi through the application begins with entering the starting and ending address of the route.

Яндекс.такси построение маршрута

After entering the final address, the application instantly builds a route and offers a choice of two tariff options:

Яндекс.такси тарифы

After clicking the “Call a taxi” button, the user watches on the screen the process of searching for the nearest available car. As soon as it is found and the driver accepted the order, the app reports the car number, data and phone number of the driver and the estimated time of arrival of the car. After that, the user can observe on the screen the car moving in his or her direction.

You can pay for the trip either in cash or with a card (you can link it to the application in the settings, and we do recommend it as it is very convenient!). At the end of the trip you will receive a report by email. You can leave feedback about the quality of service or complain about the problem. When paying by card, you can later add a tip to the driver if you wish at a rate of 5%, 10%, 15% .

The application stores the history of your trips. If you wish, you can delete the trip information from the history. To do this, click the menu symbol in the upper left corner, then “Trip History”, click on the trip information, scroll to the end and click “Delete”.


We have given you the info about the most popular city taxi services in Voronezh. If you use any of them, please leave your feedback below. Thank you!

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