Where to Eat Fast and Cheap in Voronezh: Fast Food

We’ll try to find a place to eat in Voronezh where it’s tasty and cheap. Today we will look at fast food establishments of worldwide brands. Let’s start with the good news: Voronezh has the smallest average bill for fast food compared to other cities, only 223 rubles. And last year it even decreased by 10%! Local residents mention several places where you can eat deliciously and on a budget in Voronezh. Let’s see which fast food chains have been included in this rating.

1. McDonalds, the omnipresent

You can find many McDonald’s on the map of Voronezh: 12 outlets of this fast food chain are operating here. People come here to have a snack on the run, to sit in a quiet atmosphere after a working day, to talk to friends. Some of the McDonald’s establishments (for example, on Patriot Avenue) are open 24 hours a day. Others work from early morning until late at night.

McDonald's in Voronezh

The prices of the main menu in Voronezh depend on the category of dishes:

  • A small portion of yummy french fries costs only 43 rubles.
  • Salads will be more expensive, starting from 154 rubles. This is explained by the large number of ingredients and the high cost of the sauces used in this dish. The cheaper option is to order carrot sticks, but this is for the fans.
  • There are many desserts on the menu: McFlurry, ice cream, milkshakes, pies. In this category the range of prices is wide.
  • The standard price is 19 rubles for any add-on: mayonnaise, curry, cheese sauce.
  • Happy Meal. This is a special treat, with a toy. Served for lunch and breakfast. Prices depending on the components. Minimum 168 rubles, maximum – 201 rubles.

In addition to the main McDonald’s menu in Voronezh, there are also additional ones – McBreakfast and McCoffee. Traditional types of coffee are offered: americano, latte, espresso, cappuccino. For breakfast – McMuffins, smoothies, pancakes, cheesecake. The price starts with 32 rubles. If you want a big breakfast, this will cost you 115 rubles. In addition to a muffin and a pancake, it includes an omelette and a pork cutlet. You can choose honey or jam as a topping for the pancakes.

The average price of Voronezh in McDonald’s is lower than in other cities. The official website of McDonald’s in Voronezh will allow you to navigate through the McDonald’s menu with prices of 2019.

Addresses of McDonalds in Voronezh:

Adress Work hours Phone
Moskovskiy prospekt, 129/1 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 269-55-07
City-park Grad, Parkovaya 3 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 260-48-20
Prospekt Revolyutsii, 32А 07.00-00.00 +7 (473) 255-92-21
Ul. Dimitrova, 55 07.00-23.00 +7 (473) 226-44-66
Ul. Koltsovskaya, 35А (Galereya Chizhova) 09.00-22.00 +7 (473) 261-58-78
Pr. Patriotov, 5G around the clock +7 (473) 278-64-87
Ul. Lizyukova, 4G 07.00-00.00 +7 (473) 274-87-83
Ul. Ostuzheva, 2Е 07.00-23.00 +7 (473) 226-43-30
Blvr. Pobedy, 23B 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 261-84-80
Leniskiy prospekt, 174П (Maksimir Moll) 09.00-22.00 +7 (473) 262-95-70
Ul. 20 Let Oktyabrya, 90 07.00-23.00 +7 (473)261-19-13
Ul. Dimitrova, 55 (MacAuto) 06.00-05.00 +7 (473) 226-44-66

2. Burger King: For meat lovers

It is one of the most developed chains with about 13000 restaurants in 80 countries. The main feature of this establishment is meat cooked on real fire. Therefore, it turns out with a special smoky aroma, delicious and slightly crispy. Service in “King” is at a high level, but you will have to wait a bit longer for your order. Here, the burgers aren’t cooked upfront to create a supply – they only put the meat on the fire once you order it, at full heat.

Burger King in Voronezh

The prices of the Burger King menu in Voronezh are very democratic. That’s why it is so popular with school and college students, visitors and employees of nearby offices. Both couples and families with children come here for a bite, and you can try many different delicacies here:

  • Burgers are called “whoppers”. Their cost varies from 47 to 179 rubles. The most expensive are triple whoppers. You will pay 339 rubles for them.
  • Depending on your choice of side dish, only the onion rings are more on the expensive side (159 rubles), the fries are only 70-80 rubles.
  • Snack prices range from 116 to 160 rubles.
  • Even the price for a Caesar salad is quite democratic.
  • Drinks in all flavors are available, starting from 10 rubles of tea to 110 rubles for a can of “Adrenaline Rush”.
  • Desserts – ice cream, cake.
Address Work hours Phone
Moskovskiy prospekt, 129/1 10.00-22.00 +7 (495) 544-50-00
Koltsovskaya, 35 (Chizhov Gallery) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 257-93-57
Bulvar Pobedy, 23Б (Arena Moll) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 261-88-55
Ul. Geroev Sibiryakov, 65А 09.00-20.00 8 (800) 700‒32‒32
Ul. 20 let Oktyabrya, 90 (Solnechiy Ray Moll) 08.00-00.00 +7 (495) 544-50-00
Parkovaya, 3 (City-Park Grad) 10.00-22.00 8 (800) 700-78-00

3. KFC: Nutritious lunches and attractive perks

Fast food restaurants of this brand are now open in 118 different countries, about 20,000 in total. KFC in Voronezh is represented in 6 establishments. A distinctive feature of the chain is its specialization in chicken dishes. Feedback from visitors about KFC in Voronezh marks both tasty cuisine and cozy atmosphere as a plus, but the greatest impression is made on clients by great promotions and gifts from the institution. Want to get discounts on some dishes? Then go to the official website, where you can find special discount coupons.


Prices of the menu at KFC in Voronezh:

  • Prices vary between 100-200 rubles. The cheapest are the hot dogs, the most expensive are the double burgers (259 rubles).
  • Snacks, including salads, range from 50 to 139 rubles.
  • Quite affordable price up to 200 rubles.
  • The most expensive lunch is not more than 300 rubles.
  • Count on spending about 100-150 rubles.
  • The choice is huge, but the price depends on your taste.
  • The menu includes more than 300 different items.

KFC addresses in Voronezh:

Address Work hours Phone
Leninskiy prospekt, 174П (Maksimir Moll) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 260-23-76
Ul. Studencheskaya, 10 10.00-23.00 +7 (473) 260-23-79
Koltsovskaya, 35 (Chizhov Gallery) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 260-23-78
Bulvar Pobedy, 23Б (Arena Moll) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 210-60-33
Ul. Parkovaya, 3 (City-Park Grad) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 210-60-32
Moskovskiy prospekt, 129/1 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 207-17-81

4. Subway: Lunch of your dreams

Of the 44,000 restaurants of the Subway brand, 614 are located in Russia. This network is also present in Voronezh, and the addresses of the restaurants are given below. The name of the brand comes from the word “sub” (submarine), which means a long sandwich similar to a submarine. These restaurants do not have a strict menu, and any customer can choose the ingredients from the options offered. The price of a Daily Sub is always different. After all, every day a new “special of the day” is offered. The sandwiches are prepared freshly in front of you, while you are giving instructions to the employee about the ingredients, sauces and toppings.

Subway in Voronezh

The prices for the dishes in Subway are quite affordable for any population group.

  • Breakfast. Starting from 65 rubles, for an extra big breakfast you have to pay 105 rubles.
  • Sandwiches. Price ranging between 200-250 rubles.
  • Salads and rolls. You can choose a snack starting from 100 rubles.
  • Desserts. A maximum of 60 rubles.
  • Drinks – water, iced tea, Pepsi.
Address Work hours Phone
Ul. Koltsovskaya, 25 around the clock +7 (920) 411-71-76
Ul. Parkovaya, 3 (City-Park Grad) 10.00-22.00 8 (800) 555-44-49
Bulvar Pobedy, 23Б (Arena Moll) 10.00-22.00 +7 (473) 261-88-55

5. Black Star Burger: fast food from Timati

The Black Star burger shop in Voronezh hasn’t been around that long, it recently opened in May 2018. The co-owner and face of the facility is a famous rapper, favorite of youngsters – Timati. Star Burger in Voronezh monitors the quality of products and sauces. Vegetables are bought in the farms of the region, some ingredients are brought from Moscow. The highlight of the local burgers is a juicy patty of decent size. It is prepared according to a special recipe.

Black Star Burger in Voronezh

The menu of the Black Star Burger in Voronezh is quite diverse. Here you can try classic cheeseburgers, vegetarian Hawaiian burgers, mushroom burgers and cheese burgers. This tasty feast will cost from 200 to 260 rubles. Soups, salads, spicy wings and desserts are served as well.

Timati serving burgers

It is very easy to find this new burger shop: it is located in the building of the renovated TSUM at Prospekt Revolyutsii, 38.  Phone number:  +7 (977) 439-59-85.

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Have a pleasant and delicious meal!

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